Thankful Thursday- Big Backyard

I keep talking about the backyard. I really am thankful for it. When we moved down here, Brian fenced it in and built a swingset. The kids (and I) are convinced that Brian can build anything. After being stuck inside because of oppressive Florida heat all summer, we have rediscovered the backyard. For the last few months, I have had to coax and prod and command the kids to play outside… Now they ask every morning, afternoon and night. They even want to eat their meals out there (on the picnic table that Brian built).
I really liked our apartment in Roswell. It was fantastic as far as apartments go… In fact, the house we are in is smaller than the apartment was. But the backyard makes up the difference and then some.

Elijah’s prayer tonight- “Lord, thank you for the backyard. And thank you that the dew doesn’t last all day so we can play in the grass.”

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