Beach Pandas

We went for a walk tonight on the beach. Elijah found a bamboo stick to write with in the sand. When it was time to go in, I said he could put the stick under the stairs and get it again tomorrow. He said, “OK… that’ll be a safe place… only… are there any pandas on the beach?”

So… the story continued at the dinner table when Brian started talking about pandas on the beach and how he hoped the one he saw didn’t get Elijah’s bamboo. The kids weren’t sure whether or not to believe him. Abigail asked if the panda he saw was a mommy, daddy or baby panda. Brian said it was a grandpa.

Elijah asked what beach pandas do… so Brian started going through this long account of his encounter with a beach panda…

“Well…he came up to talk to me and I said ‘I don’t talk to pandas I don’t know.’ But he seemed nice so we chatted for a while about culture, fine arts and current events…”

Abigail cut him off and demanded to know what beach pandas do to which Brian replied, “He gave me a recipe for brownies… the end.”

Elijah, the thinker, was not sure whether or not to be concerned. He kept asking if pandas really live on the beach.

The whole issue was never resolved. I am sure that the topic will come up again soon. For now, Brian served some brownies that he made (that may or may not have come from a recipe given by a beach panda) and everyone was satisfied for the night.


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