Beaching it Up

 I didn’t want to come to the beach this week. The thought of packing everything up and then unpacking stressed me out. The thought that it wouldn’t really be a vacation… just a relocation was a justified fear. But… I am SO glad I got over myself and agreed to make the trip. I would really LOVE to have a beach for a backyard. I mean… miles of open space to run free, sand to dig in, seagulls to chase…

 Action Shot… cause there’s nothing better than smashing someone’s hard work in the sand. Sometimes Brian and I play a game to see how many castles we can build before the kids notice and come destroy them. My record is 10.
 Selah is a big fan of the sand.

We continue to be thankful for my parents’ condo in Saint Simons. It was been a refuge for us several times in the midst of this crazy seminary experience. We are also thankful that Brian was able to take the WHOLE week off so we could spend this time as a family together. He has been working so hard with such crazy hours. He deserves a break and what better place than here?!?!

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