Through the Eyes of Abigail

Abigail and I went to the store yesterday together… this is how the conversation on the way home went… try to keep up…

Me: There’s the car… go ahead and open the door

A: Who’s car is this?

Me: Our car, silly girl!

A: No, this isn’t our car (she says as she buckles in to her car seat)

Me: Then… who’s car is it?

A: Maybe Conner and Kaylee (our next door neighbors)

Me: Then why is your carseat and Elijah’s carseat in here?

A: Um… no… not Conner and Kaylee… maybe Journey and Jayden (friends from church)… they use carseats!

Me: So… where’s our car?

A: We don’t have one.

Me: How do we get to where we need to go?

A: We’ll just have to walk.

Me: What if it is far away?

A: We’re going to need to buy a car.

Me: How about this one?

A: Yeah (looking around)… it’s nice… maybe this IS our car!


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