Before we set out on our holiday travels, we had our family Christmas celebration. We have been building our Dugdale family traditions and want to be sure they stay in tact even in the craziness of traveling. This year, we couldn’t justify buying a real Christmas tree (especially since we would be gone for two weeks). We pulled out a fake tree that I had before we got married. The kids thought it was amazing… they called it a “make your own tree.” I love that they get so excited over simple things.

 If you’ve read our blog before at Christmas time, you know about our Pancakes for Jesus tradition. Brian gets up before everyone and makes pancakes. He puts three candles (for the Trinity) on top of a stack and we sing happy birthday to Jesus. As the kids ate their pancakes, I read the Christmas story… we prayed, and then opened gifts.

 Selah was pretty excited about her pancake.
 Brian hung candy canes on the tree the night before. The kids were super excited when they realized they were there. They are funny though. They like the idea of candy canes more than actually eating the candy canes.
 Selah is obsessed with dogs. Here she is with her new puppy. 
 I made Abigail a dress up doll with accessories for her and the doll. She was pretty excited about matching her doll. Abigail’s so cute.. don’t you think?
 Elijah has been asking for a yo- yo for the last few months… thank you dollar section for having yo- yos!
And… back to the pancakes!
I am thankful for our family. I am thankful for the memories that we are building. I know that we are impacting our kids because of the way I here them talk. I love to listen to Elijah remind Abigail about Christmases in the past. They really are sweet together. 
After our family Christmas, we packed up the car and headed out to South Carolina for the weekend. Now… we are in Atlanta for the next couple of weeks. This past semester has been SUPER busy for all of us. This is a much needed break for the whole family.

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