Christmas Day

Let the craziness begin!!!

 We attempted to get a picture of the kids by the tree. Selah lasted for about 2 minutes before standing up and declaring that she was “all done”
 Elijah and Uncle David took control of handing out gifts to everyone. Elijah was so sweet and patient. He would go around and watch as people opened their gifts and share in their excitement.
 This is Selah’s camera face… these are also the pjs Abigail wore on Christmas morning a few years ago.
 Why buy presents when a box is SO much fun!!!
 This seems to be Elijah’s signature pose. I was looking back over the past year and he is doing this in quite a few pictures. (PS… Kathleen.. if you are reading this… Elijah was very specific in wanting to wear these PJs for Christmas).
Brian and Elijah checking out Elijah’s new talking microscope. He mastered it by the end of the day. That boy is so stinking smart. Love him!

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