Christmas Eve in Atlanta

And the Christmas celebrations continue in Atlanta

 The table is set and all is calm before family descends on the house.
 A month or so ago, I posted on Facebook that I just had just bought matching outfits for the girls for the first time. I had to let Abigail pick the dresses and accessories… because she is more girly than I. She picked the dresses, leggings and the shoes. You can’t see the shoes in this picture… but they do match and they are sparkly!
 Group Shot! Everyone is looking at the camera and somewhat smiling. Elijah is a little old man at heart. He is always concerned about something and carries the weight of the world on his five year old shoulders. Every now and then, we can get a smile out of him.
 My sweet little niece Hadassah… the youngest of the cousins (for now anyway).
Abigail and her cousin Rebecca checking out the new playhouse that Uncle Michael and Aunt Lisa gave to each family. They were so excited.
Christmas Eve dinner went off without a hitch.. presents were opened with some family… dishes were washed, food was put away and pie was eaten. It was a good night!

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