White Christmas!!!

A few months ago, Elijah asked me if we would see snow when we came to Atlanta for Christmas. I told him not to get his hopes up. That’ll teach me to be a glass if half empty kind of girl!

 Abigail, who used to hate the cold, was ready to run out and taste the snowflakes!
 Brian threw Elijah up to get an even better shot at tasting the good flakes.
 Selah is our Florida baby… this was her first snow experience… LOVED IT!!
 Warming up by the fire after a busy Christmas and fun running around in the falling snow.
The next morning was REALLY cold, but we managed to throw a few snowballs and sled down a couple of hills. Brian The kids were so excited. Brian The kids couldn’t quit checking the weather channel and running to the window. And, Brian the kids were up early the next day, ready to play.

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