Money Saving Monday- Think Creative

I often feel like I have to explain and justify our expenses to people. Because we raise support, and because we are always asking for prayer for God’s provision, I always feel exposed in the area of finances… I’ll probably write more about that later…

For now.. I will explain and justify why Abigail got a new bed for her birthday.

First of all… she is getting big and wouldn’t last much longer in a toddler bed… so… justifiable need… right?

Second… what could have been about a $400 or more gift, cost us about $30 (maybe less)… and that $30 came from a gift cards that Brian received to Home Depot and Katie from Joann for Christmas.

 If you know Brian, you know he is always on the look out for scrap wood… because it’s always a good things to have a big pile of scrap wood in the garage… you never know what you might need it for. Well…it just so happens that he found a set of bunk bed frames one day and brought them home. They were rough looking and covered with LOTS of stickers. But Brian, being the super handyman that he is, sanded and painted the bottom bunk (the top will be finished later). He took some colored pieces of yarn that I gave him and had sample colors made up so that I could paint a design and personalize the bed for Abigail.
 The sample colors were a perfect size and we have plenty left over for when the time comes to do the other bunk. (The sample paint sizes are $3 each at Home Depot or you can buy craft paint at an art store for around the same price).
 I was given creative control… I was a little afraid of the freedom, but I like what came from it all. 
 As for the mattress… well, mattresses are expensive… we looked around and couldn’t find one for less than $100. We didn’t need the box spring.. just the mattress… so, we asked around… put out a plea on facebook, etc. In passing, I mentioned to a friend about our need and she said that they had one in the garage and we were welcome to it. Here’s another money saving tip…don’t be afraid to ask! 
**The above pic is Elijah looking down from his loft bed that Brian made a couple of years ago and Abigail looking up from her new big girl bed.**
The sheets came from my brother and his wife. She asked what Abigail wanted and I got very specific with her. I knew what we needed and let it be known. They were happy to oblige. Oh.. and just on a side note… Elijah is a frugal kind of kid… he’d been thinking about what to get Abigail all week… he told us that the dollar section at Target would be a perfect place to shop.
In addition to the bed and sheets and dollar section gifts, I also put my new sewing skills to work and made the birthday girl a quillow.
Now… if course, it would have been easier, less time consuming, etc to just go and buy a set of new bunk beds, sheets and blanket.  It would have been less intrusive to just take care of buying the mattress on our own instead of asking for help. There are easier ways to go about things sometimes… but they are not always the most frugal. We put a lot of work and thought into Abigail’s bed. Everyone had a part to play. Elijah even helped Brian put it all together. So… don’t be afraid to get dirty… don’t be afraid to invest a little time and energy and think creatively when it comes to saving money.

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