A Clever Name

I keep finding all these blogs with clever names… like It’s Almost Naptime and Good to Be Crazy… and then there’s my friends over at Welcome to Summerville who just happen to have a fun last name turned into a clever blog title.

I’ve often wished I was more creative when starting this blog. I’ve thought about changing up the name to be more eye catching and fun… but when it comes down to it… this blog is about our family… the Dugdale family. It is about our ups and downs… our milestones and moments in between. I am hoping to one day print out the blog in full to share with the kids….one day… not today.

I think I am going to write a book containing all the deep talks I have with Elijah. I lay some pretty heavy concepts on my five year old. Yesterday we talked about family… about how God gave Abigail and Selah to him so he could always have someone to play with and so he could have two people to learn about how to be in relationship with people. We talked about the bond of family and how he needs to love and protect his sisters. Our family, as with any family, is special. God has a unique plan for our family…. and unique mission and ministry.

We have moved a lot since Elijah was born… we have added two more children since Elijah was born. We have spent much time trying to figure out how to do life with the kids and as a family… not as individuals. So… the name on the blog remains… The Dugdale Family… because that is who we are.

And because pictures on blog posts make them more fun…

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