Money Saving Monday- Wait for It

Waiting is tough… our society totally sets us up for failure in this area… we are so trained for instant gratification. Microwaves give us warm food, fast. Fast food restaurants give us a quick, easy meal. High speed internet has us completely spoiled. I confess that I cannot stand waiting when it comes to the internet. I finally got an app on my phone that allows me to tether to the computer so that we can have internet at home. I say finally because I waited and waited and waited… for money to be able to buy the app (this is the only app I’ve bought)… and waited for the app to go on sale. I have wanted this app for a while… because quite honestly, it is not my favorite thing to pack up the kids and go to various places around town that offer free wifi when I want to look something up or blog or .. well… you get the point.
I try to make a point to never pay full price for something… when we got our phones (blackberries… i feel like I need to justify and explain why we have smart phones)… we waited for a deal to come along. We had been wanting internet at home…  coming up with all the reasons why a smart phone would be the smart choice. But… smart phones and the plans that go with them are EXPENSIVE!!!… so we waited… until we found a great deal… that offered more for a comparable price to what we were already paying for our not so “smart” phones. And… the blackberries were only $25 at the time. Now… sure… an Iphone or a Droid might be more fun… might do more stuff.. might carry more street cred… but we waited until we got a good deal and we are happy with what we found. Do we need fancy phones?… no. Do we have to have internet at home?…no. Did we pay full price for any of it?… no.

Wait for it… that’s the tip today… wait for the sales. Hold off on buying the new gadgets, the new clothes, etc. If you have to have it… wait for it to go on sale… wait for a coupon… wait for a deal. If you wait, one of two things will happen… you’ll either get a good deal when whatever it is goes on sale… or you’ll lose interest and realize that you didn’t really need it after all (the latter is usually what happens with me… I think I NEED something, but the longer I wait to act, the more I realize that I don’t really need it after all).


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