I’ve Been Busy

 For Christmas, my mom got my grandmother’s old sewing machine serviced for me. I have an extreme fear of sewing machines. I have a long history of not getting along with them. But… I decided to give it another try… and surprisingly enough… it wasn’t as bad as I thought. So… now I have been sewing up a little storm… and knitting and crocheting. I cycle around with all of it. I go through times when I really want to create fun things… then I lose interest for a while…. then I jump back on it. I’m in one of those busy cycles right now where I am really enjoying making lots of goodies. Take a look…

 Crayon Tote Bag
 Crochet Headbands
 Custom T-Shirts from my friends, the Cupcake Kids
 Letter shirts
 Mittens (for the unexpected snow in Atlanta for Christmas)… he lost one the first time he wore them.
And… dresses for the girls. We threw tights and long sleeve shirts on with these and wore them to church on Sunday. 
Seriously… I think I’m addicted … I’ve been sewing for three weeks now… every day… I’m not sure what the kids have been doing… in fact… has anyone seen them? Seriously?
Like what you see? Check out my Etsy Shop… Happy2Knit

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