Playing Catch Up

It’s been a while since I’ve posted pics… so here you go…

 Don’t be fooled.. it’s not cold in Florida. Yes, there is a snowman on Selah’s shirt and yes, she has on a warm fleece hat… and yes, the rest of the country is being hit with a wintry storm… but rest assured, it is not cold in Florida. Selah just likes to wear hats. 
 She also likes to climb…
 … and climb… on everything!
 I don’t really know where Selah gets this love of climbing… it’s not like anyone else in the family is part monkey and climbs on anything and everything… 
 We’ve been walking to the neighborhood park a lot lately. It took about a year and a half, but we are realizing that many RTS families with kids live right down the road from us. We have had fun meeting up at the park for playdates with buddies. The kids’ favorite thing at the park… the merry go round… not so much mommy’s favorite though. 
But how can I deny those happy little faces. 
We do have a very family friendly neighborhood. Brian’s school is less than a mile away. Sidewalks line the streets. There is an elementary school just down the road. There is no shortage of kids to play with. I have decided that from the months of Novemeber through February… I really like Florida.. it’s the perfect temperature to be outside all day long. A lot of people are talking about being ready for spring… ready to get rid of the winter months and the cold. They want relief from the bitter temps and icy roads. For me… it is the opposite. When November comes and the temperature starts to come down… I feel like I’ve been freed from the prison of oppressive heat. We rediscover what it is like to play outside again without fear of dehydration or sunburn. Elijah loves the weather here… he has a strong dislike for socks and jackets (which is funny because when he was two, he always wanted to be fully dressed… from head to toe). Abigail can’t stand the cold. She has no meat on her bones to keep her warm. It didn’t take long for my children to become Florida babies. 
Brian is graduating in May… we don’t know where we will be living this summer. We know that we will at least move out of the house we are in (oh, how I will miss the backyard). We have our ideas of where we would like to go… but first, Brian needs to find a job. Please be praying for his job search!

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