Selah has a mullet. She has the most hair of any of the Dugdale kids at 18 months… but it is most definitely a mullet. If she was a boy, we would have definitely cut it by now. But you see, it took forever for Abigail to grow any hair (she just had her first haircut last month… she’s four)… we’re just a little nervous to do anything to Selah’s hair. I’ve been playing around with her mullet hair to try new looks. She LOVES having her hair done, but takes the bows out as soon as I am finished. I finally found that if I use small, clear hair rubberbands, she has a harder time pulling them out and gives up fairly quickly.

It amazes me what pigtails can do for a child’s look. The other day, she kept her pigtails in ALL day. Elijah said, “Selah looks like someone else.” She did… she looked like a big girl. I cannot believe she is almost 18 months old. Our time here has had slow moments, but has over all flown by! I cannot believe Brian is almost finished at RTS!

 This is Selah’s camera face… Cheese!
 Sometimes pigtails are frustrating… especially when they won’t come out!
Who is this big girl in the pigtails and overalls?

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