Orange Baseball Anyone?

 When we moved down to Florida, we were so excited to find an orange tree growing in the front yard. We couldn’t wait for the oranges to ripen… but they never did. Last year, we blamed it on the unusually cold Florida winter… but this year… we came to the conclusion that our tree just wasn’t going to give us any edible oranges. But… don’t you worry… that didn’t keep us from using the half ripened oranges anyway. I mean… of course, eating the oranges would have been our first choice, but the next logical thing to do when we found out we couldn’t eat them was to play orange baseball, of course. (PS… Abigail’s new favorite phrase is “of course”. She says it after every statement she makes, of course.

 Action Shot. The kids pitched the oranges to Brian (I was too chicken.. I didn’t want to get hit).
 Elijah loves watching the oranges get smashed by the bat. Everyone gets sprayed with orange juice.
 And another orange bites the dust!
 Her hands got a little sticky… of course.
But… isn’t she so stylish in her outfit of choice for the day?
I do love these children!
Oh.. and for the record… we did find one orange so far that was edible. Everyone got to try a slice… of course.

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