Conversations from the Sandbox

I posted these conversations on Facebook… so, forgive me if you’ve already heard this… but I feel like they are blog worthy!

Our sandbox is just outside the patio door. Our backyard is set up in a way that I feel safe letting the kids play outside while I take care of things in the house. I can often hear the conversations that go on in the sandbox while I am inside fixing dinner or tidying up.

Abigail- I am going to wear a necklace today so I can be pretty.
Elijah- You don’t need to wear a necklace to be pretty. You’re pretty all the time cause that’s how God made you.

Later that day…
Elijah- Do you know what the everlasting Valentines present is?
Abigail- What?
Elijah- Jesus!
Abigail- Jesus?
Elijah- Because his love lasts forever!
Abigail- oh yeah… that’s right.

I love these kids. I get frustrated with the things they do on a daily basis. I get annoyed at their childish behavior often. I hold them to a high standard of behavior and often forget that they are, in fact, children. Elijah’s love for the Lord astounds me. He sings hymns and praise songs… and even makes up ones of his own ALL the time. I rarely hear him singing anything else. He draws pictures about God. He tells his sisters and friends about God. He has even come up with a plan to smuggle Bibles into closed countries (it involves a rocket powered Bible shooter). He is a pretty amazing kid. Abigail has been showing more interest in the things of the Lord. Her favorite Bible story is about Baby Jesus… which makes sense because Abigail loves playing baby, mommy and kid. She has so much love to give.

All the frustrations I feel and all the times I feel as though I have failed my children are wiped away when I listen to these precious conversations from the sandbox. I am reminded that these are my children only for a time. God has a purpose for their lives… and they are His forever.

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