Sea World!!!

A couple of years ago, Elijah really wanted to go to the Georgia Aquarium. We were preparing to move to Florida and start seminary and I had to explain to Elijah that we just couldn’t afford to go. I told him that he was welcome to pray about it… that he could ask God to provide the money for us to go. I explained that God does what is best for us. The aquarium was a good, fun thing… but I let Elijah know that God may or may not answer the prayer for provision. I told him the God’s love for him would not change, but he may not choose to answer the prayer the way Elijah wanted. I explained all of that to him because I didn’t believe that there would be any way we could go tot he aquarium. I knew that we had no money and that any money we got had to go towards seminary. I didn’t believe that God would care about sending out family to the aquarium. Elijah prayed… a few weeks later, I received a check for $1000 in the mail… for me… to treat myself or the kids… to help with making our move special and make the transition a little easier. I knew Elijah’s prayer had been answered  above and beyond what we expected.  We went to the aquarium one last time while we still lived in Atlanta… it was great to leave on a high note!

Well… Elijah found out that Sea World is in Orlando. He saw commercials on TV. He heard commercials on the radio. He read brochures at the bookstore. He asked if we could go. Again, I had to explain to him that we just didn’t have the money. This time he said, “that’s okay… I’ll just pray about it. If God wants to bless us in that way, He will.. and if not… well, that’s okay.” (Wow… I wish I had faith like this kid!). So… he prayed… and a few months later, we get a phone call from a friend who has some extra tickets to… you guessed it… Sea World!

And memories were made…

 While Brian and our friends, Sim and Carol rode the Manta roller coaster, the kids and I went to check out the sea turtles. Elijah was wowing the folks with his sea turtle knowledge. 
 Touching the sting rays… Elijah’s FAVORITE thing! We went back again before we left the park. 
 Sticking his head up in the coral reef aquarium. Look how happy he is!
 Abigail and one of her new best friends, Mr. Sim along with Brian and Elijah in the Stingray Lagoon.
 Selah wasn’t quite sure what to think of everything. She liked all the sea creatures from a distance. 
 Waiting to see the Shamu (or as Abigail says, the Shampoo) show. We staked out our seats early and ate lunch while we waited for it to begin. 
 The kids were SO excited to see the orcas jumping out of the water. They loved everything about the show until the end, when the whales came and splashed us… and then splashed us again. The kids quickly got over it and we went on to see many other fun things… polar bears, penguins, manatees, beluga whales and so much more! We are so thankful for the gift of tickets for our whole family. 
Some of us didn’t make it through the whole day. She was such a trooper.

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