Money Saving Monday- Co-op

I remember when I was little that my parents were part of a babysitting co- op with some other families. They would help each other out by babysitting each other’s kids. I don’t know how it all worked, but basically… the families agreed to trade free babysitting. I think this is a fantastic idea! First of all… free… hello! We’ve been helping a missionary family who are preparing to go back to India by watching their girls while they pack. I am so glad the mom felt the freedom to call and ask if her girls could come over.
Babysitting can get super expensive. I made my spending money in highschool by babysitting. I had several families that I babysat for on a regular basis. I started when I was in middle school. At the risk of sounding old, the thought of a middle-schooler watching my kids is a little scary to me. I would much prefer to have my kids go hang out with a family that we know and trust who have kids that mine can play with. We have had babysitters watch the kids… and it’s been great! The kids love it. But, when working with a tight budget, I think it is wise to have a group of friends that feel comfortable calling on each other when childcare is needed.

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