The Cupcake Kids

Have you heard of the Cupcake kids?!?!?! They are the smallest members of the ministry called Sixty Feet. They are little people with BIG hearts and they are calling on kids around the country ( and the world) to come alongside them on April 16th. These sweet kids wanted to help a group of orphans in Uganda…so they hosted a cupcake sale in Atlanta and donated all the money towards the ministry. Then… word spread and a few more kids joined the cupcake sales… they’ve done a few sales, raised  A LOT of money and helped spread the word about what God is doing in Uganda and around the world.

On April 16th, the Cupcake Kids are having an national sale! They have people from all over the country signed up to host cupcake sales in their various neighborhoods. Do you want to help the cupcake kids?! You can do so by

1. Hosting a Cupcake Sale

2. Buying a T-Shirt

I know what we’ll be doing on April 16th!


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