Backyard Bible Club Pics and Things

We had a great week at the Backyard Bible Club. I was so blessed to be a part of this neighborhood outreach. It was great to see the different families being intentional in the neighborhood to get to know some of the families and kids who live around us. It was fun to see Elijah and Abigail, along with their buddy Daniel Josiah hand out fliers to kids and parents as school let out one day. Elijah had to leave his homeschool PE class early so we could get to the school in time to hand out fliers. I asked him if he was okay with leaving early and he said, “Yes… because Backyard Bible Club is more important than PE.”
The kids also took ownership in the Bible club by knocking on neighbors’ doors, wiping down chairs, helping set things up and take things down and by participating in all the songs and verses. As much as the grown ups “ran” the club, the kids did too.

 Discovering Law #3
 Baby Benjamin… the most chill baby I think I’ve ever met… he doesn’t seem to care where he is… when he’s ready to nap, he just passes out!
 Discovering Law #4 on the last day
 Demonstrating how Jesus stands in the gap between us and God. He takes our punishment, satisfying God’s demand for justice and allows us to receive God’s love. 
 They are either singing or doing a verse here… I’m not sure.

We did crafts to help remember the lessons, learned verses and sang songs. We played games and ate snacks. I am confident this week is something the kids will remember and take with them. Elijah and Abigail are already planning for the next club.
On our last day, we had five new kids join us. We invited parents to come and see what the kids had been up to all week.
Thank you to all who prayed for us this week and thank you for all the encouragement and snacks that were donated.
Thank you to Sara Beth, Kimberly, Brooke, and the others who graciously gave up their time and energy to help put this together.


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