Why I Love this Family

I mean… I love my family. If I listed all the reasons, I’d probably overload blogger. But here are just a few reasons why I love them.

Brian cooks dinner most nights.

Abigail says that most unpredictable things.

We make up fun family games. 

Elijah stands on his head for about75% of the day.

Selah dives head first into hugs.

Selah dives head first into the bath tub.

Selah dives headfirst into her bed at night.

Abigail’s favorite food is bacon.

Brian’s favorite food is bacon.

Elijah thinks he doesn’t have to go to college because he already knows everything he needs to know about dinosaurs.

We play orange baseball.

Abigail can play make believe with anyone and anything.

Brian gets down on the floor and plays with the kids almost every night.

Our house is like a broadway musical. People randomly break out in song at a moment’s notice.

Brian tells me I am beautiful.

Elijah tells Abigail she is beautiful.

The kids cry at night if we don’t read the Bible and pray. 

Selah raises both hands over her head when she wants to say “yes”

We aren’t perfect.

Our house is almost always open to pop in visits or taking care of other kids.

Our bathtub is currently covered in bathtub crayon art.

Every single one of the kids’ stuffed animals has a name, age and personality.

The kids think the dollar section at Target is the best toy store ever.

Elijah and Abigail make up motions to hymns and praise songs.

Elijah and Abigail make up hymns and praise songs.

A bandaid and ice can cure most boo boos.

We homeschool.

Brian is a handyman at heart. This comes in handy when we need something built or fixed.

The kids think I can crochet or sew anything.

There is no shortage of hugs, cuddles or giggles around here.

So… now you know why I love this family…just to name a few things.

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