Sweet Friends

During our time here in Central Florida, we have met some amazing families. This past year, especially, we have gotten to know several families who are part of the RTS community. I have been especially challenged by what I see God doing in and through these families. Just about every family that we have met has a specific burden for missions and have either come from being on the mission field for more training or are preparing to go to the mission field. I am challenged by their burden for the lost, their burden to care for the “least of these” and the faith by which they live their lives.
I am so thankful for the community which we have found and how it has challenged me to think outside myself and my own burdens.
Another blessing of this community is all the kids. It seems like just about every family we meet has two or more kids! Which means lots of play dates and plenty of fun. Today, my kids and I picked up two of their buddies and headed to the botanical gardens in Orlando. The fun started the minute we got in the car. They had a blast chasing butterflies, smelling roses and pretending to be on an adventure in the jungle. I don’t know what God has planned for us after Brian graduates. I don’t really think about it that much (I probably should). We are living day by day and making the most of the opportunities we have. In a year or two, these sweet friends will be scattered around the world… how fun for the time we get to spend with them now.

I mean… at what point can I expect to get a group shot with everyone actually looking at the camera and smiling at the same time?


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