Money Saving Monday- Accept Invitations

*to be read with a light- hearted tone**

Before you read this, I ask that you not judge me. Sure… in years past I might have shown up at the Kimball’s house around dinner time (secretly hoping they’d extend an invitation)… or maybe I’ve gone to the Mexican restaurant with friends and just eaten the chips and salsa. Sure… we’ve chosen where to eat based on whether or not kids eat free… who hasn’t?
All I’m saying is that some might read today’s money saving tip as being a bit desperate… me… I say it’s resourceful!
We were invited to eat with a family from church yesterday. We graciously accepted the invitation. When she then pulled out the tupperware and started to pack some leftovers for us to take home, I graciously accepted again. Now…we have dinner planned for tonight and it didn’t cost me a dime… or time!

I think that in some instances, people say “do you want to take some home with you” just to be nice… so you really have to be discerning when it comes to whether or not to accept… my rule is usually to refuse once… but take them up on it when they offer again.

It’s okay… I know I’m a mooch.. you don’t have to tell me.

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