Etsy-ing with a Purpose

I would like for you to meet the Noll Family. They are also an RTS family with three young children. They have a huge heart for the Lord. They have recently felt the call to adopt… two little boys… from Ethiopia! You can read all about their story on their blog.

They have had some big hurdles to overcome and still have a long way to go before the boys officially become part of the Noll Family. One hurdle is the financial part of adoption. They have been raising money through yard sales and various other avenues. I’ve been so wanting to help this sweet family… but as you know, our budget is SUPER tight. However…I do have my etsy shop!

I have offered to donate 40% of proceeds from this month to go toward their adoption costs. I have added some new items today, and will probably be adding some more in the coming days.

Here is a preview of what’s available in the shop. I mostly make items for kids, but every now and then throw in something for the grown ups. Take a look:

 Crochet Dolls and Toys
 Hair Accessories 
 Crayon Totes and Accessories
Boo Boo Buddy Hot/ Cold Packs (All Natural) 
James 1:27 exhorts us to care for the orphans and widows. We don’t necessarily feel the call to adopt (at this time)… but we can come alongside those who do. Please consider stopping in the shop and making a purchase that will help bring these babies home. I’ve seen their pictures… THEY ARE SO STINKING CUTE!!!

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