Backyard Fun

One of my favorite things about being in Florida has been our backyard. I told Brian before we moved down that I would live in an apartment if we had to, but could we please try to find a house with a fenced in backyard where I could safely let the kids play while I got things done in the house. We found a great backyard. Brian fenced it in shortly after we got here. It backs up to a nature reserve… there is a retention ditch that fills up when it rains and attracts all kids of wildlife. We’ve seen countless wading birds and ducks, deer, pigs, a bobcat, armadillos, raccoons, and other animals. The yard is big for running around in. Brian built a picnic table so we can enjoy meals outside. He was given a grill so we can cookout whenever we want. I will miss this backyard when we move. I wish we could pack it up and take it with us!

 Playing in the new pool I got from amazon money that I earned from Swagbucks.
 Love those curls
 What… you don’t slide into pools with a butterfly net? You should. 
 Getting ready to grill kabobs!
 Yummy! Dinners outside are the best!
Finger licking good.

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