The Cupcake Kids go to Seminary

You may remember when I told you about the Cupcake Kids. They are the smallest members of a ministry called Sixty Feet. You can find them all over the world. This past Saturday, they called on all the Cupcake Kids around the world to host cupcake sales in their neighborhoods to raise money for the work that Sixty Feet in Uganda. The ministry is still quite young, but is already making a huge impact in Uganda. I encourage you to check out their site and see what they’ve been up to.
Anyway, we weren’t able to do our sale on Saturday… so we did it today… at RTS! The kids and I, along with some great friends, set up our table outside the bookstore and sold cupcakes to the RTS community. The kids went all over the school spreading the word about the cupcakes and why we were selling them.

 Selah helped set up the table by the fellowship hall. All those cupcakes were so tempting for little fingers. 
 Flower Cupcakes!
 Bunny Cupcakes!
 Elijah and Abigail each decorated several cupcakes with sprinkles and designed their own cupcake picks.
 Sara Beth was an all- star! She brought face paint and decorated everyone’s face with cupcakes! 
 Trinity and Martha waiting for face painting. 
 Abigail modeling her official cupcake kids t-shirt and cupcake face. 
The RTS cupcake kids! The other moms and our friend Agnes were so gracious in taking the kids around the campus to spread the word about cupcakes. The kids had a great time and we raised some money to help the children in Uganda. The kids had a hard time watching all those cupcakes being sold and not being able to eat any…. don’t worry… they got to have a cupcake treat when it was all over. 
My favorite moments of the sale:
– Noa (4) telling me that she had a great idea… the moms could sell the cupcakes and the kids could eat them!
– Elijah running up to people who came in the door and simply yelling “cupcakes” at them
– Watching the RTS students, faculty and staff staring wide eyed at the kids who had come to take over the school.


One thought on “The Cupcake Kids go to Seminary

  1. Oh, I love, love it!!!! I seriously have tears in my eyes!! Y'all are so precious to support us in all the ways you have these past few months!!! And, it's no surprise that your cupcakes are beautiful!!! Can't wait to give you a hug this weekend!!!

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