Springtime Fun with Family

We are in Atlanta for the weekend having some fun with family and friends! Pictures tell the stories better than I could…

 Abigail and Rebecca learned how to make stuffed eggs with Gammy. They then conducted a survey to find out who would actually be eating the eggs… because they were not planning on it.
 Pops and Elijah played Tic Tac Putt while Daniel looked on, desperate to get his hands on the golf balls.
 Tiny cousins enjoying some lunch together.
 Dancing in the bubbles.
 Abigail and Selah out for a drive in their matching headbands.
 Shannon and I whipped up some matching skirts for the girls during rest time today. They were super excited to put them on!
 Brian and Michael played an intense game of PIG. Seriously… intense.. it involved bouncing the ball off the roof and other various things (which may or may not have included children’s heads).
Hadassah wasn’t sure what to do with all the craziness. She finally got in on the action and had fun with all the cousins. 

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