Easter Pictures and General Merryment

As has become our tradition, we spent Easter with my family. We went to church and then headed to East Lake Country Club for an Easter buffet… something I have been privileged to do countless times growing up. It’s fun to see my kids participating in some of the same things that I did as a child.
Brian and I remarked a number of times this year how cool it is that our kids were out running around on the practice green where many of the golfing greats have played. Our kids had no clue that they were in a hoity toity place. They don’t know who Tiger Woods or Phil Mickelson are… they just know that big open space is fun to run around in and when you add in a couple of golf balls, the fun only increases.

 The centerpiece at our table
 Never a dull moment with this girl… love her!
 Even the fruit cups are fancy.
 Who are these big kids? … PS… did I mention that I made the girls’ dresses this year (yes I am tooting my own horn).
 So fun!
 Selah got in on the fun too. 
 Action shot. They are always making up fun games together.
 Sweet sisters. 
Our once a year family Easter picture.

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