Leu Gardens… Again

We headed out to the local botanical gardens again this month… taking advantage of the free admission for the first Monday of the Month…

This time, Brian went with us. He was crazy busy last week trying to finish up a class, but thankfully was able to take some time to come hang out with us at the gardens. He’s more adventurous with the kids than I am. I am a teacher and always will be I suppose. I have an agenda (lesson plan) laid out and want to keep the kids in line. Brian is so good about going off the beaten path and exploring. I knew the kids would have a great time with him as they explored the gardens.

 Not sure why this picture is sideways… just go with it. I love peace lilies. 
 Daddy’s girl… exploring in the woods. 
 The other daddy’s girl was not to be left out and quickly ran in to have her picture taken with her main man too!
 Learning about why rose bushes need to be pruned. 
 Abigail proudly displaying the rose she picked out to bring home. 
 Katie proudly displaying the rose bush Brian put behind her ear for a picture. 
 Perfect size rose for a teeny tiny Dugdale
Stopping to smell the roses is serious business.
The days are getting hotter in central Florida. So thankful for a shade break after walking around the gardens for a while. 
I know I’ve said it before, but I am thankful for free family entertainment opportunities like this. The kids look forward to going to Leu Gardens every month. They’ll miss it for sure when/ if we move away.

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