Mother’s Day- The Dugdale Way

8:30- Brian wakes me up (he let me sleep in… love him!) and tells me the kids are going to bring in breakfast in about 10 minutes.
8:40- In come the kids and Brian with a tray full of breakfast and coffee. Abigail jumps on the bed and the coffee… well… it spills… no big deal!
8:50- everyone has their food, Selah’s high chair has been brought in so she can join us. We all eat a well prepared breakfast and I get some pretty cool cards from some pretty cool kids. Abigail informs me that Elijah helped her spell “from”… “F.R.O.M” I told her she was so smart. She said, “but not as smart as my brother… he knows lots of things. I am like one smart. Elijah is like eleven smart.” I am glad she adores him, but … she is smart too!
9:00- food is gone and everyone is snuggled up under the covers… snuggling turns to wrestling… which ends up with a bloody nose for Selah.. what can you do?

Off to church with the fam.

After church, we picked up some picnic fixings and headed to a local flower nursery/ butterfly garden.

 Picnic in the car!
 Abigail ended up with a butterfly friend that really like her dress. She was not exactly thrilled about this and wanted us to “GET IT OFF!!!”
 Elijah was a little more okay with the butterflies and had a lot of fun in the butterfly feeding room. 
 The butterflies were big fans of Brian’s as well. He had one land on his back and start laying eggs on his shirt. I was with Abigail on this one… I prefer to look and not touch. 
 The had a finch room where we could go in a just sit and hang out with the finches. Fun times. 
 Taking a break from all the flower watching. 
Little girl with the big blue pots. 
And now… I am alone…at Barnie’s with coffee, computer and a good book. I have a few minutes to myself after an absolutely crazy, long week. Brian is done with all his requirements for school. He will graduate in two weeks. A new kind of crazy will begin. But for now… I’ll just bask in the quietness and read for a bit. 
Motherhood… what I always wanted… but not at all what I expected (you can read more of my reflections on mommy-hood here). I am thankful for my three little ones who have taught me more than I could imagine… more than I could ever teach them. I am thankful for the call of motherhood. Happy Mother’s Day!

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