Skirts and Monogrammed Shirts… Thoughts?

I am using this post as a sounding board. I have made the girls a couple of skirts and the other day I added matching monogrammed shirts to the set. As you may remember, I have an etsy shop. I have thought about listing the shirt/ skirt combo on etsy, but thought I’d try to find out if there would be interest and get feedback from you first.

Here is my model Selah, sporting her new outfit:

 Cheesing it up for the camera!
 This is her pretend mad face!
 And… we’re done… it’s been fun! Time to move on. 

The completed outfits side by side.These skirts are super fun for twirling, dancing, playing, jumping in puddles, and all the other stuff your little girl does in her day! 100% cotton with elastic waist.
So… here’s the deal. If you are in the market for buying one of these sets, email me and let me know. I don’t keep a lot of fabrics on hand, but would be happy to work with you to find what you are looking for. I can do colors, themes, etc. I do my fabric shopping at Joann.. so if you really wanted to, you could get online and check out their fabrics. After you email me, I will create a reserved listing in my etsy shop where you can purchase the outfit. 
I can make the skirts from 12 months up to age 8 (ish). If you would like to purchase one of these skirts, please include the following in the email you send: your child’s waist measurement in inches. Also measure the length from your child’s waist to just below the knee (unless you want it to be longer or shorter).
The shirts come in pink, white, or turquoise… they will be short sleeve shirts. 
If I were to list these outfits in my etsy shop, I would list them for $30… BUT if YOU order, I’ll make it $20… with FREE SHIPPING!!!!
So… to recap, if you’d like to order one of the ADORABLE outfits pictured above, custom made, email me… with measurements, fabric idea, shirt color and the letter you want on the shirt! Then we’ll go from there.

Thanks for indulging me for a moment… we’ll be back to pics of family mischief and happenings in the next post. 

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