He graduated!!! Woo hoo!!! Way to go Brian!!! When we first started this process, a little over two years ago… two years seemed like an eternity. But… here we are… two years later and Brian has completed the MAC (Masters of Arts in Counseling) Program from RTS!!!

We are very proud of our graduate!

 Brian shared some reflections about his time at RTS at the senior banquet the night before graduation
 Brian picked up Aunt Alyson at the airport on Thursday.. then my mom and sis in law Lisa came down on Friday for the festivities. 
 Hadassah came too!!
 Just before graduation began. We (the rest of us) had a picnic dinner outside the church while Brian got dressed and ready. 
 I tried my best to get some good pictures. Here’s Brian receiving his diploma. 
 Selah’s favorite part of the night… the reception… complete with cookies. 
Sister and Brother!
It’s been a tough, long two years… but totally worth it! I love you Brian!

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