Beach Fun in the Sun

I find it funny (not funny ha ha, but more like funny hmmmmm) that we live less than an hour from the beach, but when we actually go to the beach, we travel three hours away to Saint Simons. My parents and brother and his family were spending some time in Saint Simons so the kids and I decided to crash the party. And a party it was… my parents, their dog, my brother, his wife, their child, their two dogs and the Dugdale crew… batten down the hatches Saint Simons, we are taking over!

Oh it was so nice. We spent time on the beach in the morning, then headed to the pool…. then inside for lunch and rest time… then back out to the pool for the afternoon. We even met another family who we met each day at the pool for vacation playdates (side note… the mom of the other family and I went to PC together… small world, right?). The kids didn’t have to put shoes on the whole time we were there… we just hung out at the condo and beach… it was a nice!

 random crab that we saw on the beach the first morning
 Selah = water bug
 We seriously need to live on the beach. I mean… miles of wide open spaces with sand and water. My kids need to run and run and run. The beach is so perfect for them! The last few times we’ve been, Elijah has found the perfect stick to write in the sand with. He always hides it near the steps. Every time we come back, there is “his” stick. Whether or not it is the same one, it is in the same place and he’s excited about it. What better thing to do than claim the beach by writing your name really big on the beach?
 Hadassah wasn’t quite sure about the sand or water or sun…. but she’s so darn cute!
 Abigail, on the other hand, fully embraced the sand play. Brian always digs a giant hole for the kids to play in. I did my best to dig one for them, but ran out of muscle power pretty soon into the project. Brian is a much better hole digger than me!
And… Elijah learned to swim. The boy who would barely stick his face in the water at the end of last summer and who would cling to me if I took him away from the steps…. now jumps who heartedly into the water… fearless! I did a few little lessons with him each day at the pool and he just took it and swam with it! He was jumping off the sides and swimming underwater by the end of the week. Our little guy is not so little anymore. *sniff*

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