Elijah’s Last Game

And just like that… soccer is over. The kids both did so well with soccer! Last year was Elijah’s first time playing. He enjoyed it, but was just as content to watch the clouds and spin in circles on the field. This year, he was more focused and more intentional. In his last game, he was so focused. He played almost the entire game… on offense (which is not his favorite. He would rather play defense because it is slower paced).

It was such a joy to watch him meet new friends and try new things. I cannot believe how big he is getting! I keep telling him that I am going to put a heavy book on his head so he won’t grow anymore. He keeps reminding me that I can’t stop him… he’s just going to keep on growing!

 In this game, Elijah had an assist and ALMOST scored a goal.
 After each game, the parents form a tunnel and the kids go through, giving high fives! It was SO HOT, but the kids hung in there really well.
Proud boy holding his super cool soccer trophy.

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