Abigail’s Last Game

The Warrior Princess… that’s what Abigail’s coach called her when he handed her the trophy. I told her that meant that she was fearless on the field yet still a lady.

When Abigail told me that she wanted to play soccer, I thought, “this is going to be a nightmare… this child has the attention span of a goldfish… she’ll never make it.” But… she proved me wrong. She gained focus and strength as the “season” went on. She was aggressive a fearless on the field. I think she has real potential in sports… too bad when the game was over the other day, she informed me that she “never has to play soccer again.” We told her that she committed to this season and then she could be done if she wanted… apparently, she is done!

 Abigail and Coach Jim at practice
 The flash… all of the sudden this kid is fast… and so cute in her shin guards.
 Abigail just after scoring her second goal of the game (we’re counting the first one… even though it was for the other team)! She was so proud!!!
 The Warrior Princess receiving her trophy.
So proud of her trophy!

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