Multitudes on Monday 1- 13

Chances are you’ve heard of this book:

(don’t really click to look inside… I just borrowed this pic from Amazon)
To give a quick summary, this book is written by a homeschooling mama of 6. She has had a lot of heartache in her life and every reason to be bitter and angry at life and God. But she doesn’t choose anger… she chooses gratitude. She gets past herself and sees God’s hand in the little things as well as the big in her life. She took a challenge to come up with a list of 1000 things she was thankful for. As she got into the challenge, she realized what a difference having an attitude of gratitude can make.
I haven’t finished the book, but it didn’t take me long to realize I should jump on board and take the challenge too. I spent a lot of the first year we were in Florida being really angry and hurt and selfish with my attitude. So… to start this little challenge,  I thought I’d  reflect on some of the random gifts we’ve received over the last two years at RTS.
1. $50 to Olive Garden
2. A new (to us) minivan
3. $50 to Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse
4. A new sewing machine
5. Gobs and Gobs of hand me downs for the kids
6. A new (to Brian) grill complete with two filled propane tanks
7. $70 stuck in Brian’s box at school
8. $300 anonymously given to us
9. O’ Charley’s gift card that I won from the radio
10. Elijah’s homeschool curriculum
11. free babysitting
12. massage therapy… courtesy of the insurance from the car accident we were in
13. Selah… who came on the Saturday just after classes started for Brian
There’s so much more… check back with me next Monday and the next and the next!

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