Spotlight on Brian

Brian is such an awesome husband and father. He adores his family and works so hard to take care of us. He is so great at building memories for the kids. While I am usually just trying to manage all the kids at the pool or beach or park or… whatever… Brian is in the business of quality time. He does things that will stick with the kids for years to come!

 We came up to Saint Simons on Saturday… so we were able to take Brian to a favorite breakfast buffet restaurant for Father’s day. The kids were all over him, as usual, with hugs and kisses. 
I let the kids pick out their gifts for Father’s Day this year… pack of disposable razors, two drinking glasses and a giant tub of cheeseballs! Brian couldn’t have been happier. 
 As you know, Brian has been working for the maintenance department at RTS during his time there as a student. For as many hours as he put in at the counseling clinic, he probably matched that with hours painting and fixing and maintenancing (is that a word?). This week, he is putting his experience to work and painting my parents’ place in Saint Simons. The kids and I tagged along so we could enjoy some beach time and family time before things get crazy for us. 
Here’s just one more reason I love this man… he brought a full size, real shovel to dig the kids a giant hole on the beach. He’s that dedicated. 
Happy Father’s Day (a couple of days late) Brian!

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