The Big Question… Answered!

You may remember a few weeks ago, I wrote this post letting folks know that we had no clue what the next step for our family would be.

Well… now we know!

Brian has accepted a position with Families Together in Hendersonville, NC. I mentioned in a prayer request to some friends that the history of our family seems to be wait and wait and wait… then run… full speed ahead. For example… Brian and I courted for a while trying to figure out if we should get married. Once he proposed, we were only engaged for two months and then married. When all this started with RTS, Brian applied, was interviewed and then we waited and waited to find out if he’d been accepted. We didn’t find out until April, but then we started raising support and moved to Florida by June. Even before Brian and I were married, this seemed to be a pattern in both of our lives.

This has been no different. We have been waiting on the Lord to reveal the next step. Brian has been calling and applying and interviewing with no real leads coming about. Last week on Monday, however, he headed to North Carolina for an interview which took place on Wednesday. He got a call on Thursday offering him the job. By Friday, he had accepted the job and we had found a house to rent. Things are moving fast now!

We will move up to Hendersonville by the end of the month. Many people have asked how they can help… if you’d like to know some specifics on our current needs, please email me.

OH… and one more thing…

Because moving isn’t crazy enough…

We’re just going to go ahead and add a new baby to the mix! That’s right… Dugdale baby #4 will be arriving early 2012!!! We are all so excited. I need to start posting the different names the kids keep coming up with for this new little bundle! Abigail’s current favorite for a girl is Isabelle and for a boy is Jonathan. Elijah likes Charlotte or Josiah.

So… that’s what’s happening around here. The big question has been answered for now.


4 thoughts on “The Big Question… Answered!

  1. AWESOME! Congrats on the job and the new house. Katie, once again you have inspired and encouraged me :). It's good to read about how the pattern continues for the Dugdales as I anticipate that my pattern will continue as well and in due time my wait will be over and I too will be in super fast mode. Also, now that I see your blog, I have someone to get advice from when I am ready to begin one of my own. yay!!! I can't wait to come visit the Dugdales NC. Love to all!

  2. Praise God!!! THat is so exciting. Isn't this the job he was really interested in? So thrilled for you all and love you so much! Wish I could be there to help you pack 😦 Thanks for the updates! xoxoSB

  3. Just still rejoicing with you all sates away for the the answers and that the world is going to be blessed with another Dugdale. Yea! I look forward to reading what lies ahead

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