What’s in a Homeschool Name

So… apparently in North Carolina, when a family decides to homeschool, they have to “open” a school… name and all. I told the family the other night that we had to come up with a name for our school. Everyone had plenty of suggestions…

Contributors of this list include Brian, Elijah, Abigail and Selah… I’ll let you try to figure out what suggestions came from who…

Learning Ninjas
Cupped Academy
Ranch Dressing
Clay Knock
Cabinet Academy
Ninjas R Us Academy
Car Shore School

Elijah paused at this point and said, “Daddy, can I have some more macaroni so I can think of more stuff?”

And the list continues…
Macaroni Shore School
The Knock Knock School
The Oven Thingy School
Finger Lickin’ Good School
Journal Box School
Pencil Hanitizer School
Oh What a Feeling, Dancing on the Ceiling School
You Might Learn Something Here School
Pizza School
Cheese Onion School
Aw Man, School?
Kitty Academy
Light Bulb Academy
Uncle Fester’s Light Bulb Academy
Warrior Cry of the Dugdale Learning Center

At this point I ask, “What’s Important to Our Family?”
Elijah- dishes
Brian points to his muscles
Abigail- Paper, Rock, Toilet

And the list continues…
Hey, you could be inside a volcano school
Inside the Earth School
Macaroni and Cheese all in Pizza Academy Juicy
Hey, you could be watching paint dry, school
Blue, Red, Pink Water Bottle School
Lemonberry Shortcake School
Cole Slaw Pizza Pizza Pizza Academy
Man, you know who school this be
I’ve got a light switch on my head School
Sea Turtle and Shark School
Mato Batey Bebe
The Foot Bubble School
Holy Holy School
Monkey Ballerina School
The Jump Around School
Happy Girl Button School
North Carolina School for the Achievement and Procurement of Childhood Behavioral and Learning Center

So… as you can see.. we have quite a bit to work with here.

Top runners are
Legacy Academy
Harvest Academy

Although… I do think Learning Ninjas would look great on a High School Diploma!

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