Exploring Our New Surroundings

Last week, after a few days of setting up the house and running necessary errands, we decided to head out to the mountains and hike! There is a State Forest about 20 minutes from the house with some pregnant Katie kid friendly trails.

 The troops… so excited about every little thing!
 Selah caught a free ride for the most part on daddy’s back!
 Elijah and Brian were rock hopping. Elijah was the first of the day to slip into the water. He handled it like a trooper. Abigail wasn’t far behind. 
 Triple Falls. The next few pictures were taken at the base of the second water fall. 
 What’s more fun than jumping around in a water fall. Good thing we had extra clothes in the car.  The kids had a GREAT time. I was a little nervous with all the rushing water and giant drop offs… but hey… everyone made it home in the end.
We were so proud of the kids for making the hike up to the falls. They never complained about the steep hills they had to climb. We will definitely be heading back to the mountain soon!

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