Multitudes on Monday 51- 65

Even in light of the last post, we have much to be thankful for…

Most nights when the kids get up with bad dreams… especially if they have gotten up multiple times and just can’t get back to sleep, I tell them to start thinking of all the things they are thankful for. Some people count sheep, we count our blessings.

I need to heed my own advice. This past week has felt like a nightmare… I need to start counting some blessings.

51. the mountain view from our front porch
52. healthy lungs and legs to go hiking
53. that everyone seems to be feeling better
54. we still have one car
55. meeting some fellow homeschoolers at the the local homeschool association meeting
56. kids who are eager to learn
57. Brian’s job
58. a yard for the kids to run around in
59. sidewalk chalk
60. Psalm 20 (look it up)
61. free WIFI at the Ingles near us
62. Starbucks (also at the Ingles near us)
63. Starbucks gift cards to enjoy said Starbucks
64. tiny flutters that remind me of new life coming to our family
65. never a dull moment at our house

What are you thankful for today?


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