Celebrating Selah

Two years ago, Brian had just started fall classes of his first year in seminary. We knew a handful of people. I had only found a doctor about three weeks before. At 4AM, I woke up with contractions that wouldn’t go away. By 6, we called one of Brian’s classmates to watch Abigail and Elijah and we headed to the hospital. It was Saturday… the doctor didn’t appreciate being called in and insisted that I wasn’t in labor. Thankfully my nurse believed me!

It wasn’t long before I was in active labor and pretty soon, we were holding this sweet little bundle:

And now, we have a fiesty, loving, sweet and beautiful little two year old… seriously… where does that time go?

Don’t you just want to grab her up and steal a snuggle. Selah’s name means “pause and reflect.” She has been such a blessing to us and has truly caused us to pause and reflect on the more important things in life. She is a joy to this family.

I told her this morning that her life would drastically change this year… she’ll be a big sister, she’ll potty train, she’ll give up her paci and move into a big girl bed. My baby is growing up!

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