Long Sleeves? What are those?

My kids have been Floridians for the last couple of years. Selah has yet to live anywhere else… until now. In Florida, it stays hot until around November.. hot… sticky, oppressive hot. But not here… nope… lows in the 50s already. I put long sleeves on Selah this morning and she said, “Mommy help me” as she tugged and pulled on those sleeves.

I mean… in Florida, they did have occasion to wear long sleeves for a few weeks… but mostly it was shorts, bare feet and freedom. It will be an adjustment for sure… but I think we’ll get the hang of things.

 When Abigail saw that Selah had a long sleeve dress on this morning, she quickly ran to put on one of hers. She looks like she’s doing a model walk down the hill in the backyard. 
 Begging for someone to come and push her in the swing… too bad a bird had used it for a bathroom earlier and I was not in the mood to clean it. 
 Elijah realized it was chilly and ran into change shirts. The two of them sat on the stairs deciding what to play. 
 I pulled out the camera… so did Elijah. He says he’s ready for a “real” camera (his is a kid tough from fisher price) with a camera and a video camera. He assures me he won’t drop it… I’m not so confident. 
And… we’re done… nap time!

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