Apple Picking

Of course, being in the mountains… especially in area where we are living, we had to go apple picking. I was so glad when our friends the Browns let us know they were coming up our way and wanted to meet up at the orchard.
Some of you have already seen most of these on Facebook, but here you go anyway… and for some reason these are in backward order.

 The crew… Dugdales + Gibson resting after working hard in the orchard. 
 At this point, we are tired and hungry from working hard… hence the facial expressions. But we do know that this fall, Elijah is 4 feet tall and Abigail is not. 
 Even the littlest Dugdale worked hard… and she definitely ate the fruits of her labor… right off the tree!
 Playing in the bamboo forest with Gibson.
 Apple eating break!
 Abigail was working hard to separate the different types of apples. 
 Perfect day for Elijah… outside all morning and he got to climb trees.
 Daddy’s girl
 Selah has been asserting her independence more and more… she insisted on carrying her own bucket (for about 10 minutes).
 Getting ready to pick some apples!
Playing on the tractor while waiting for the hayride. Gibson was concerned because the hayride had just left without us… what he didn’t know is that another one was coming that would have room for us to ride. 
We have so many apples now! Brian has already made an apple tart. I am sure that a pie in coming soon… maybe some apple butter or apple muffins… who knows!

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