PC Homecoming 2011

We were able to go to PC homecoming this year… Last time we went, I was pregnant with Abigail… so… 5 years ago! This year was my 10 year reunion. It was a PERFECT fall day… great temps, great weather. We had so much fun. I love being around all these growing families and catching up with friends. I am not completely sure where the last 10 years have gone… College was such a great time for me. It still feels fresh.. .not like I’m TEN years removed.

 Apparently corn hole is a HUGE thing right now. Throwing bean bags into a hole in a wooden board… for points. Seriously… it seemed like each tail-gating group had their own corn hole game set up. I played one game… and won thanks to my nine year old super star partner Andrew.
 The Dugdale van was the popular place to be… I think the kids hung out in there for most of the time we were tailgating. 
 Elijah and his buddy Nathan… these guys have known each other since they were little guys… they only see each other every couple of years, but obviously they don’t let that stand in the way of their friendship!
 One of Abigail’s new favorite friends… Lydia! They have also known each other since they were babies… they just don’t realize it. Lydia’s family stayed with us Friday night. When the girls got up Saturday morning, they just stood together and giggled for a while.
 Riding the PC train at the homecoming game. I told the kids to all look at the camera… you can see Elijah was “helping” Abigail follow directions. Gibson, Abigail’s other new favorite friend, was also along for the ride. 
While the game was going on, tons of kids were hanging out on a hill near the field… they were sliding down the hill on boxes. Lydia and Abigail found this awesome box and rode down together. 
So… I don’t really have any pictures of grown-ups… PC grads… or the game.. but hey… we had a great time!

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