Multitudes on Monday- 78- 93

I am really thankful for all the beauty around us. We have a sweet view of the mountains just outside our front porch. We get to watch the sunset every night. The leaves are changing colors. The air is crisp. Everyone says I’ll be singing a different tune when winter sets in, but I seriously doubt that. Every season has it’s ups and downs… but I’m cool with that. I have to say though… fall is my favorite season. I have been missing it for the past two years and am trying to soak up as much of it as possible this year. I am hoping that we will stay put for a while, but I don’t know what the future holds… so for now, I’ll enjoy where we are and soak it all in!

If you’re wondering what the numbers are by these items… I am making my own list of 1000 gifts that I am thankful for… the idea comes from Ann Voskamp’s book… 1000 Gifts.

78. fall foliage
79. cooler temps
80. jackets
81. heat
82. leaves crunching under my feet
83. the smell of fall
84. rosy cheeks
85. hiking trails just down the road
86. unexpected visits from sweet friends
87. friendships that aren’t dampened by time or distance
88. brian’s job
89. a steady paycheck
90. a second car for our family
91. a Heavenly Father that knows our needs and is never late
92. those times when my kids play well together
93. picnics on the mountain:

 One of our new favorite places is Jump Off Rock… an overlook that we can just drive up to… it also has some walking trails and other places for the kids to explore. It does not, however, have a bathroom… but I won’t go into that!
 Happy Girl!
 Did I already mention the colors!
We made it up in time to picnic and watch the sunset. Cameras just can’t catch all the beauty, but you get the idea. 

What are you thankful for today?

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