Multitudes on Monday- 94-108

It’s bad when you really have to force yourself to sit down and write a post like this. I mean… I should be overflowing with thankfulness. I should be unable to count the blessings because there are so many… but quite frankly, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today and have been rather grumpy all morning. I DO NOT like the fall time change. I used to… before having children. They don’t realize that they are supposed to sleep in an hour. They don’t realize that what was once 7:30 is now 6:30. Their bodies will adjust in a week or so… but goodness… this week is going to be tough. I went in this morning at 6:30 and told them that it was not time to get up… that it was too early (despite the sun shining into their rooms). I thought maybe if I had them lie quietly, I could re-train their bodies to get used to the time change.
I waited too long to go get them up. I went in at 7 and Selah proudly announced that she was stinky… and then showed me where her diaper had left it’s mark on her bed. I like to call things like that a mom fail.
With all that said, I am making myself write this post to get over myself and outside of my selfish thinking. I need to redirect my thoughts this morning.

Without further delay…
94. paying our bills on time
95. hiking trails near the house
96. a visit from grandparents
97. everyone in the house is healthy… for now
98. date night with Brian last week
99. Dr. Pepper
100. peanuts
101. my crock pot
102. sewing machine and sewing orders that keep coming in
103. those moments when elijah is helpful… like today when i knocked over a box and he helped me clean up
104. selah’s seemingly endless joy
105. abigail’s sweet snuggles
106. that halloween is over
107. the beautiful view of the mountains from our front porch
108. cold temps outside and a warm house to retreat to

What about you? What are you thankful for today?

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