Family Day

I mean… really, everyday is family day with us. We are ALWAYS together. Last week, I had a doctor’s appointment. I have been trying to schedule all appointments to happen when Brian is home and I can go alone. I used to be very judgmental about people who complained about taking all their kids with them while running errands, etc. No longer! The mere thought of taking all three, soon to be four kids with me to do something as simple as go to the grocery store or post office gets my blood pressure up… so… going to a doctor’s office… well… that’s grounds for a panic attack. However… the kids did really well. They charmed the people in the waiting room and they sat quietly while I talked with the doctor.
They have been saving quarters to go to the arcade in downtown Hendersonville. We called Brian and he was able to take a break from work and come meet us.

The kids were blessed with a little extra spending money and got to have a little sweet treat as well…

 Abigail riding on the horse… over and over … at the arcade. It wasn’t really that impressive of an arcade… this was just about the only thing she could enjoy. But she really liked it!
 Chocolate covered mint oreo!!
 My kids think that just because there is a hood on their jacket, they must wear it all the time!
 An intense game of air hockey ended our morning
Elijah was taking it all very seriously.
We have been blessed again and again to live close to Brian’s place of work. Now, with this current job, he has to drive to various places around the county… but his home office is only a few miles from the house… which worked out for us on this day!

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