Baby It’s Cold Outside

The temps are dropping!
I’m not complaining!

 My parents came up this past weekend. Somehow they managed to stay out of all my pics… anyway… we took them up to Jump off rock to enjoy some mountain scenery and fall foliage. 
 The “peak” of the season for leaves was a couple of weeks ago, but we managed to still see some pretty leaves. 
 How cute are they?
 Elijah wanted me to take a picture of his leaf.
 Monkey See, Monkey Do! I had to take a picture of her leaf too. 
 King of the Mountain
 And what else should you do after spending time up on top of a mountain in 40 degree weather… EAT ICECREAM!!!
Abigail couldn’t quit talking about how her chocolate icecream was SO DELICIOUS. She’s a girl after my own heart. Oh… and at bath time that night, I was still cleaning superman icecream out of selah’s nose… lovely!

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