What’s Been Happening Lately

I’ve been a little cautious and unsure about blogging here lately… A few weeks ago, I went to look at our family blog and got a lovely message that said my blog had been deleted. I also had a message saying there had been suspicious activity on my account… HACKERS! SPAMMERS!
So frustrating… so… I have been hesitant to add any updates, but I think I am over my current fear.

Here’s what’s been happening around here:

We went to a Thanksgiving Feast with the Homeschool Association. The kids got to ride horses for the first time ever… looks so natural for them huh?

 Chowing down at the feast!
 We had our own Thanksgiving feast at home. Aunt Alyson came to stay for a few days. This is the first time in our marriage we haven’t gone to Saint Simons for Thanksgiving. It was a little bittersweet. We had a good time this year though… building memories. 
 Nom nom!
 The day after Thanksgiving, we jumped right into Christmas decorating. We put our tree together, put out decorations and listened to Christmas music. 
Downtown Hendersonville had a Christmas Tree Lighting Friday after Thanksgiving. We got to take advantage of a free ride on a horse drawn carriage. 
So… that’s what’s been happening around here. Homeschooling has slowed down a bit for the holidays. We are doing some Christmas activities, making gifts for people, playing a lot of games and some other things. We will be in Atlanta for Christmas weekend… then the countdown will begin for the arrival of baby girl in mid- January!

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